Racing Heritage


The Mantra is here to bring more fun to flat water! The hull is inspired by Filipino racing boats or "Bancarera". Giving the Mantra excellent efficiency, and speeds of over 80kph for the RS model.

Why the wings?


The trimaran wing design gives the Mantra amazing stability, making it confidence inspiring for anyone to ride. At higher speeds they provide hydrodynamic lift for greater performance, and seriously fun and easy "drift" style cornering.

Retro Design


Head turning looks inspired by vintage cars and speed boats, with modern features. The Mantra has GPS Speedometer, composite hull construction, push button start, automatic bilge pump, custom stainless prop and so much more.

Hand Built


Our hulls are handmade by our team of craftsmen, and all components assembled by hand.

Simply Reliable


We use Honda's time proven GX390 Mega Marine engines for the Mantra, with a customized fuel system, intake and exhaust for USCG compliance. Chosen for worldwide easy access to parts and servicing, reliability and amazing economy at only 1.2gph for the standard Mantra. This engine is also highly upgradeable, with performance parts freely available due it being the engine of choice for kart enthusiasts globally.

No Middle Man


We have chosen a sales model which skips the middle men. From our factory direct to our customers, this allows us to offer you the Mantra at unbelievable prices. 

Mantra pre-launch video